Talent sourcing: Has NZ got the skilled talent your business needs?

Has New Zealand really got the skilled talent your business needs?

When you’re recruiting, does the process ever remind you of a really bad talent show?

Everyone you interview just doesn’t have the x-factor you’re looking for. They’re just a little bit flat, or off-key with their attitude. And you’re left wondering if New Zealand really does have talent – or not?

It’s extremely frustrating when, despite all your best efforts, none of the applicants have the star quality you need for your business to grow.

The good news is that there is a way to scout out that star employee 

Your star employee could be anywhere in the world: and yes, it is possible to track them down and get them to New Zealand (with a bit of help from Recruit NZ).

There are 4 steps in talent sourcing:

1. Identifying your needs and requirements

It’s vital that we understand what kind of person you’re looking for, in terms of skills, experience and personality. They have to be a good fit for your business – as well as good at their job. Plus we need to know what you can offer a potential employee, in terms of career development, advancement and incentives.

2. Talent sourcing 

Talent sourcing is about identifying which countries and regions your ideal candidate may currently be working in. Our experienced team has a number of techniques to pinpoint the areas to target.

3. Headhunting

Once we know who your ideal applicant is, and where they are, we approach them. This requires a good amount of subtlety and sneakiness, so that the current employer doesn’t get wind of what’s going on. We know exactly how to get hold of these top quality workers, and how to gauge how open they are to making a move.

4. Visa services

If we find you a great candidate that you’d like to employ, they’ll need a Visa to work in New Zealand.

Recruit NZ’s sister company, VisaAide, can take care of the entire process for you. VisaAide is owned and operated by Tanya Gray’s husband, Cameron, who spent over 10 years as Visa Officer for the Australian Consulate General in New Zealand, so he knows his stuff!

Do NZ companies really use talent sourcing and headhunting?

Yes, most definitely. In fact, a recent survey (October 2013) revealed that the top 30 law firms in New Zealand and Australia see headhunting as their preferred recruitment strategy.

So if you’re not using talent sourcing and headhunting in your recruitment, you’re most likely missing out on the very best people.

See, getting that perfect employee is totally possible!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Recruit NZ’s talent sourcing, headhunting and visa services, please give us a call on 09 280 3977 or email info@recruit-nz.co.nz.

Once we know more about your recruitment needs, we’ll be able to provide you with some indicative pricing to get the recruitment work underway.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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