Steps to create an eye-catching job advertisement

Crafting a job ad that stands out and attracts the right candidates is an art form. It requires thought, effort, and a strategic approach to ensure success in the recruitment process. An effective job ad is more than a listing; it's a tool to engage qualified job seekers by being accurate, detailed, and targeted.

1. Make it searchable

  • Choose the right category: Ensure your ad appears in the most logical category.
  • Use relevant keywords: Include industry-standard language in the title.
  • Highlight appealing points: Mention key benefits in the opening paragraph or bullet points.
  • Differentiate your business: Provide information about your company’s size, age, and achievements.

2. Sell the role

  • Highlight unique aspects: Share what makes the role and your company culture unique. Show your personality here!
  • Salary information: Include a salary range to attract candidates who filter by salary.
  • Job perks: Mention benefits like flexible working, gym memberships, or health insurance.
  • Professional development opportunities: Showcase how your company supports growth and learning.
  • Location benefits: Describe the advantages of your office location.

3. Include all key information

  • Role contribution and uniqueness
  • Company overview, values, and achievements
  • Top-level goals and future plans
  • Responsibilities and daily duties
  • Role requirements: Work experience, qualifications (essential or desired)
  • Job perks: Only if genuinely offered

4. Know your target audience

  • Contextualize skills required: Narrow down candidates by specific skills needed.
  • List daily duties and specific tasks
  • Qualifications and experience: Tailor this to your ideal candidate.
  • Team and company culture information - why would someone want to work here?

5. Format it correctly

  • Avoid large blocks of text: Use bullet points, bolded subheadings, and short statements.
  • Proofread thoroughly: Ensure no spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or missing information.


An engaging, well-structured job advertisement is your first step towards attracting the right talent. It's an opportunity to showcase your brand and the unique opportunities you offer.

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