Work opportunities are plentiful in New Zealand, as many industries are experiencing on-going skills shortages. RecruitNZ has a specialist overseas recruitment division that’s dedicated to recruiting skilled migrant workers for New Zealand employers. Our in-house immigration advisers, VisaAide, work alongside us to provide work visa support.

The work visa system in NZ is employer led

Sweeping changes to the New Zealand immigration system saw many work visas combined into a new visa process: the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV).

The Accredited Employer Work Visa operates as an employer-led system, where organisations must gain Immigration NZ registration and approval (known as ‘accreditation’) before they can recruit migrant workers.

As a job seeker, this means in most instances you can only work for accredited employers who have followed the necessary processes to recruit skilled migrants. However, there are some exceptions, as other visa types are still available. For expert up-to-date advice and work visa support, please contact our partners at VisaAide for assistance.


How many employers recruit skilled migrants?

The skills shortage in New Zealand is continuing, which is stifling organisational growth and hindering the ability to complete projects on time. Employers are increasingly turning overseas to fill vacancies – and we envisage this trend continuing for a significant time.

Therefore it is well worth contacting VisaAide for work visa assistance if you have skills and experience relevant to the New Zealand labour market. They will be able to advise you on the particular roles and occupations where work visa opportunities exist.

What kind of visa assistance can VisaAide provide?

VisaAide can provide advice and assistance with all types of New Zealand and Australian visas.

Visit the VisaAide website for more details and to contact them for work permit assistance.

"Your commitment in providing services to facilitate the process of my Accredited Employer Work Visa is undeniably fast and I am very thankful for your careful assistance with the entire process until it was successfully approved. It's an early Christmas blessing for my family and I. Kudos to VisaAide for being fast and reliable."

Accredited Employer Work Visa