Recruitment from the Philippines:

We’re an accredited Philippines recruitment agency

Skills shortages can have drastic a impact on business productivity. Rather than suppress the growth of your business, consider international recruitment via our accredited Philippines recruitment agency.

RecruitNZ has a specialist division managing all areas of migrant recruitment, and we also have skilled

candidates from the Philippines already waiting for jobs in New Zealand.

Why recruit from the Philippines?

Working in New Zealand is a dream for many Filipinos, which is why they are such motivated team members.

Filipino workers leave their families behind and focus on their life here in New Zealand for the duration of their contract with your business. They’re mature, skilled workers who arrive at work every day; work hard all day; and then go home smiling – because they are overjoyed to have the opportunity.

If this sounds like the kind of attitude you’d like in your business, contact us to talk through the options.

Employers often recruit multiple workers at once to take advantage of the significant economy of scale in doing so.

How can you be sure that the Filipino worker has the right skills?

RecruitNZ works with a partner company that’s a Philippines recruitment agency to provide a thorough and robust approach to the interview and selection process.

Once we have your job brief, online interviews are conducted, and then trade testing takes place. A second round of video interviews follows that, in which the NZ employer can participate.

You’ll also have the opportunity to directly interview the candidate with the questions that are important to you. In some cases, employers have travelled to the Philippines to be part of the interview process, especially if they’re recruiting several people. That’s an option, but it’s not necessary.

Why work with an accredited Philippines recruitment agency?

Only accredited agencies may recruit Filipino workers overseas. The accreditation is monitored and regulated by the DMW (Department of Migrant Workers – formerly known as the POEA, or Philippine Overseas Employment Administration), which is represented locally in Wellington by the MWO (Migrant Workers Office). RecruitNZ is a DMW/POEA accredited agency. .

The purpose of accreditation is to ensure that the Philippines Government’s strict rules are adhered to. These rules aren’t onerous but have been put in place to prevent Filipino workers from being taken advantage of.

It is important to know that migrant workers should not pay any fees to an agency for the recruitment process to gain employment in NZ. The Philippines recruitment

agency we’re in partnership with abides by these rules, as does RecruitNZ. However, many do not – so please be careful about who you choose to work with.

At RecruitNZ, we’re passionate about ethical processes being followed when recruiting skilled migrants. We demonstrate this in practical terms by our approach to settlement support, that is, ensuring that the care of migrant workers meets and exceeds the requirements set by the Philippines Government. After all, your worker has left their family and support system behind to travel by themselves to a foreign country – it’s only appropriate that they are welcomed here and receive support to help them settle in.

How do you recruit from the Philippines?

RecruitNZ and our People Inc partners provide a complete end-to-end international recruitment service, with a single contact person throughout the whole process.


Here are the steps involved to hire Filipino workers:

  1. Consultations: We’ll arrange a consultation with you to ascertain if your business is already accredited with Immigration NZ, and to discuss the role you’re recruiting for.
  2. Accreditation and recruitment: If your business doesn’t already have employer accreditation with Immigration NZ, our People Inc partner, VisaAide, can assist you with this. Accreditation is necessary for all businesses that wish to hire skilled migrants. While that’s underway, we can start the overseas recruitment process as your Filipino employment agency. 
  3. HR documentation: Your documentation needs to meet the needs of both NZ employment law, and Immigration New Zealand. Our People Inc partner, ConsultingHQ, will work with you to check your employment agreements and position descriptions meet all the requirements.
  4. Job checks: These are another necessary part of the process, to prove there are no suitably qualified New Zealanders available to work in the roles you’re recruiting.

5. OEC and AEWV applications: Once you’ve selected the person or team you’d like to recruit, preparations can begin to bring them to New Zealand. For Filipino workers, that includes applying for an Overseas Employer Certificate (OEC) from the Philippines DMW (Department of Migrant Workers). This allows them to legally leave the country for work purposes. At the same time, VisaAide lodges Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) applications. Read more about work visa support.

6. Pastoral care and on-going support: Once your worker has arrived in New Zealand, it’s important to ensure your practices continue to be compliant in terms of HR documentation, as well as renewing your employer accreditation with Immigration New Zealand in a timely way. We’ll also help with providing pastoral care to our Filipino workers in New Zealand.

Do you have skilled Filipino workers who are available now?

As your Philippines recruitment agency, we already have great candidates in many sectors who are waiting to come to New Zealand – or we can hire Filipino workers especially for you.

Find out more about our Filipino workers in New Zealand.

Meet our Philippines recruitment agency team at RecruitNZ


Joanna Caraig

Immigration & International Recruitment Team Leader


Gerie Rafols

Migration Recruitment Coordinator

Our Concrete Company engaged the services of Recruit NZ to help us find some Filipino concrete contractors to join our busy company. We have been extremely happy with the process that Recruit NZ have in place and were fully informed of what was happening the whole way through this journey. It is not a quick process and we could not have done this without a company like Recruit NZ on board to sort out all the legal requirements needed to employ someone from the Philippines. We are also thankful with the ongoing support we have had from Recruit NZ in helping out with the transition for the Filipino guys into our business. We would recommend this process to anyone looking to employ someone from the Philippines as we are more than happy with our 2 new workers. We are now looking to employ a few more candidates in the near future to help us grow our company."

Jodie Wallen | Wallen Concreting

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