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What job seekers say about their experience with RecruitNZ

Not all recruitment companies are created equally, and RecruitNZ focuses on providing a service that is thorough and professional throughout. RecruitNZ cares about the people we place, as demonstrated in our candidate testimonials and experiences.

"Thanks to my boss and RecruitNZ for putting me here to bring us here, we are all happy we're here and thank you also for the car and the barbecue, we can’t say anything just thanks. Thanks RecruitNZ for bringing us to our company."


"I’d just like to say thank you to RecruitNZ for bringing me here in this beautiful place to work for an awesome employer. I am beyond grateful for where I am now. I’m in good hands and have a generous employer." 

JaypeeAluminium Fabricator/Installer

"As a candidate: 

The process of applying for positions can be a minefield as you try to match your skill set and values with available positions. I was also looking at roles over the Christmas period while many recruiters are away when I saw a role of interest from Recruit NZ. I applied and I received immediate notification that my application had been accepted and within the week, I had my first contact with RecruitNZ.

The recruitment consultant was so easy to talk to as she discussed my suitability and was true to her word when she escalated my application to a senior recruitment consultant for the next stage of the process. I then had my first video interview before meeting the company’s Managing Director. The follow-up, as a candidate, from RecruitNZ cannot be faulted. The people I spoke with in the team ensured I knew what to expect in my interview and put any nerves to rest. Immediately after my interview, they were on the phone to follow up on how it went and give me feedback as she had already spoken with my future employer.

Prior to being invited back to my second interview, we talked at length about the values of the company to ensure they matched what I was after as they understood the importance of this to me. We also talked about my future development within the company so I could see the growth and opportunities which have proven to be spot on. I was provided with the company’s core values, the position description and a company overview so when I was offered the position, I knew I really wanted the position without hesitation. The follow up continued until a few weeks after my commencement to ensure all the employment paperwork was completed, the induction was going smooth and I was happy.

As an employer:

Less than five months later after starting my new position, I was asked to fill a role we had available in our Sales Support team. This time I could see how RecruitNZ worked from the other side of the desk.

The advert was placed with consideration to ensure it was on the front page of the online employment site. All candidates were given due consideration and screened before being passed on to us to view. When we asked to interview any of the candidates, appointments were confirmed within the hour and follow up after meeting the candidates was as expected – immediate.

We were able to bounce any concerns off the RecruitNZ team and the overview of the candidate provided was so insightful. Prior to any second interviews, reference checks were completed and provided in a very timely manner.

After having worked with RecruitNZ as both a candidate and an employer, I can’t find any fault. The speed of the follow up; the transparency in our interaction I had; and the support in both situations was very professional. The end result has been for me, very positive. Not only did I gain employment in a great company, I have received a promotion, as predicated with still loads of opportunity, and most importantly our values are matched. We are also very excited about the new staff member starting with us soon."

Sarah Waldron, Leedsafe