Be sure about who you’re really hiring

Taking on a new employee can be a big risk – especially if you hire someone who has lied or otherwise misled you about their background. Recruit NZ can provide you with a variety of pre-employment checks as an affordable additional service.
Hiring the wrong person can be costly and stressful. We recommend conducting thorough professional pre-employment checks before sending an offer of employment.


The following pre-employment checks are available with Recruit NZ:

ACC check

Reveals serial ACC claimants to help you manage your business risk.

Credit and debt check

Checking a candidate’s credit and debt situation can help you decide how trustworthy they may be. This is prudent business risk minimisation, especially for roles that require trust and financial responsibilities.

Criminal record check

Criminal history checks are available for New Zealand, Australia, and most other countries.

Drug and alcohol testing

Recruit NZ works with LabTests for pre employment drug testing and alcohol testing. This is becoming increasingly common in many industries, especially where there are health and safety implications.

Driver licence check

This type of pre employment check is highly recommended if you are recruiting for professional drivers, or supply employees with company cars.

Immigration check

As an employer it’s your responsibility to check that potential employees have the right to work in New Zealand, and there are hefty fines if you employ someone who doesn’t have an appropriate permit or visa.

Police vetting check

This type of background check is appropriate when hiring people to work with vulnerable members of society, such as children, the aged or disabled people.

Psychometric testing

A range of personality and psychometric tests are available, depending on your needs. This also includes team analysis, work pair analysis and surveys, along with verbal, numerical & abstract testing.

Skills assessment

A wide range of aptitude tests are available for assessing candidates’ skills and competencies.

Computer packages

Assessment of competencies in Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint, along with typing and data entry.

Learning style inventory

Assessment covers Sales preference indicator, Work attitude indicator, Jung type indicator, and ADAPT assessment.

Verification of qualifications check

Some candidates may start out on a qualification, but not complete it – or completely fabricate their qualifications. Avoid the recruitment headache of employing someone who doesn’t have the skills or knowledge they claim to have.


We are happy to chat with you about checks that you may be considering. Pre employment checks are available as an additional and independent service.