Are you a New Zealand employer recruiting skilled migrants from the Philippines? RecruitNZ can assist you with all the necessary Philippines documents and compliance matters. Undertaking this process by yourself can be a time consuming and stressful task if you are not familiar with all the requirements and procedures. 

RecruitNZ has years of experience in international recruitment, and are a DMW accredited agency (formerly known as the POEA - Philippine Overseas Employment Administration). This means we are continually working with the various Philippines government departments and are up-to-date on current protocols.

Philippines document processing and compliance services are available as a standalone service, as well as to existing clients. We are experienced, reliable, and efficient – and will guide you through the whole process.

Philippines documents and compliance services

DMW accreditation

Anyone who wishes to recruit from the Philippines must be accredited by the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) – now known as the DMW, or Department of Migrant Workers. That applies to both recruitment agencies, as well as to employers who wish to recruit from the Philippines – whether or not they are working with a DMW/POEA approved agency.

There is a significant amount of information gathering and paperwork required to gain DMW/POEA employer accreditation and also to become a DMW/POEA licensed recruitment agency.

As RecruitNZ is familiar with current DMW and POEA accreditation requirements, you will save a considerable amount of time and stress by engaging us to manage this process for you.

MWO/POLO job order documentation

MWO (Migrant Workers Office – formerly known as POLO, the Philippine Overseas Labour Office) has a physical presence in Wellington. Job order documentation needs to be submitted to MWO/POLO for every role being recruited.

The migrant worker will need confirmation of this job order at a later stage, in order to apply for their Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), as they will not be able to leave the Philippines without this.

MWO job order documentation

A job order needs to be verified with the MWO (Migrant Workers Office – previously known as POLO, or the Philippine Overseas Labour Office) in Wellington for every role being recruited. A verified job order is required in order for the migrant worker to apply for their Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC), as they will not be able to leave the Philippines without it.

NBI – Philippines National Bureau of Investigation clearance

All Filipinos must obtain NBI clearance before commencing local or overseas employment. The Philippines NBI clearance document certifies that the applicant is not involved in any on-going criminal cases in the Philippines. Recruit NZ can work with the Philippines NBI on your behalf.

OEC – Overseas Employment Certificate – document processing

Filipinos can’t legally leave the country for work until they have an OEC – Overseas Employment Certificate. The OEC verifies that the applicant is a registered Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and is valid for 60 days.

The OEC guarantees that the Filipino worker is covered by government protection and benefits, and also exempts them from paying travel taxes.

Obtaining an OEC involves two phases of documentation:

  1. Documents relating to the Filipino worker: this includes verifying their qualifications, providing a company profile, and a letter from MWO.
  2. Submitting labour-related documents, medical certificates, pre-employment orientation seminar certificates, and more.

RecruitNZ can manage the entire OEC process for you.

OFW compulsory insurance coverage

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) must take out compulsory insurance from the DMW (Department of Migrant Workers) in the Philippines. The main benefits of the OFW insurance coverage are repatriation as well as accidental death and permanent total disablement cover. RecruitNZ can organise the compulsory insurance for OFWs.

“Our Concrete Company engaged the services of Recruit NZ to help us find some Filipino concrete contractors to join our busy company. We have been extremely happy with the process that Recruit NZ have in place and were fully informed of what was happening the whole way through this journey. It is not a quick process and we could not have done this without a company like Recruit NZ on board to sort out all the legal requirements needed to employ someone from the Philippines. We are also thankful with the ongoing support we have had from Recruit NZ in helping out with the transition for the Filipino guys into our business. We would recommend this process to anyone looking to employ someone from the Philippines as we are more than happy with our 2 new workers. We are now looking to employ a few more candidates in the near future to help us grow our company.

Jodie Wallen | Wallen Concreting

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