Talent sourcing & head hunting services

Proactively tracking down the very best candidates

Because not everyone is job hunting all the time, by advertising a vacancy exclusively to active job hunters, there is a strong likelihood you’re missing out on some of the strongest candidates. Therefore talent sourcing and head hunting methods can be implemented to effectively target and recruit exceptional candidates.

Head hunting in recruitment is about proactively identifying and approaching the top-tier professionals in your industry, be it within New Zealand or internationally.

Using a talent acquisitions specialist is particularly relevant in niche industries where confidentiality around recruitment is required for as long as possible. This holds especially true for organisations seeking to launch a new product or service while keeping early disclosure to competitors at bay.

Why use a headhunter agency?

RecruitNZ utilises a number of recruitment techniques to identify and attract the top performers in your industry – without requiring your direct involvement in the approach. This removes pressure from both the employer and the candidate.

RecruitNZ can head hunt within New Zealand or internationally for all types of roles.

Why head hunting makes sense in niche industries

Some industries are so small or so niche that competitors very quickly discover a company’s actions – especially when they see a job advertisement for a new role. This can make launching a new product or service very challenging, and can erode a company’s first-mover advantage.

By head hunting for new staff rather than advertising vacancies in the traditional way, it maintains a company’s privacy for as long as possible.

What is the head hunting process?

Step 1: Talent mapping

Talent mapping is a crucial process that involves identifying the geographic locations where the strongest candidates are located. This may be within New Zealand or overseas. Upon determining which countries or regions possess the best talent, RecruitNZ then formulates a talent sourcing strategy to effectively identify, engage, and communicate with these potential candidates.

Step 2: Contacting potential talent

Our talent acquisition consultant reaches out to potential candidates to gauge their interest in further discussing the position.

These conversations are conducted in a confidential manner to ensure that the candidate’s current employment is not jeopardised. It’s vital that head hunting in recruitment is undertaken with discretion to prevent any disclosure of communication with current employers and managers.

As professional executive headhunters, we possess the necessary expertise to maintain confidentiality.

Step 3: Interview process, plus assessments and background checks

We then follow our comprehensive recruitment process, which includes interviewing, psychometric assessments, and reference and background checks. Each phase of this process is rigorous and extremely thorough. We want to ensure that as well as possessing excellent job skills, the candidate also embodies a compatible fit for your organisational culture.

Step 4: Immigration and visa support

If your ideal candidate is based overseas, we can collaborate with our partners at People Inc to provide a complete end-to-end international recruitment service. Read more about the immigration assistance we can provide to employers via the Accredited Employer Work Visa process.

Tanya doesn’t muck around at getting a job done and took the task of seeking 3 nationwide reps for my business with great enthusiasm. Tanya is professional, helpful, punctual and has a very good perception of people, therefore matching the right people up to the right jobs. She has also given me great support and valuable advice along the way."

Debbie Talbot-King | Director | Jazabaloo Ltd

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