HR consulting has traditionally been associated with documentation, legal compliance, and performance management. While those remain crucial aspects of HR consulting, it’s just as important to consider the role of strategic human resource management in organisational growth and planning.

Our partners at ConsultingHQ provide a complete HR solution, from the tactical to the strategic: 

  • HR advice: Around employee retention, risk management, employee dismissal, and more.
  • Legal compliance: Restructuring and redundancy, health and safety, HR documentation, and leave and payroll issues.

  • Performance management: 90-day trial processes, disciplinary process, annual performance reviews, training and development plans, rewards and recognition, and leadership development.
  • Workplace wellbeing: Wellbeing policies, employee engagement, and employee surveys.
  • Strategy HR: Unlock the power of your team so it contributes fully to your organisational growth.
  • HR software: A one-stop HR application that puts you back in control, to help you save time and stay compliant.

How to get started with HR consulting

ConsultingHQ’s free HR audit is an effective means of determining your human resources requirements. This confidential and comprehensive assessment will appraise your existing HR procedures, highlighting both areas of strength and opportunities for enhancement.


What is strategic HR consulting?

Strategic human resources management aligns an organisation’s HR strategy with its overall business strategy. This involves developing and implementing HR policies and practices that support the organisation’s long-term goals.

An organisation’s workforce represents a substantial financial investment, and is a highly valuable asset.

By engaging in strategic HR, a business can harness the full potential of its employees to foster business growth.

ConsultingHQ follows a proven methodology to ensure you have the right HR practices in place, and then optimise the processes around employee performance. This creates a corporate culture where people can thrive.

What are the benefits of strategic HR?

Organisations that implement strategic HR practices are likely to experience:

  • Increased employee engagement, performance, and productivity.
  • Increased staff retention rates.
  • Enhanced internal communication and processes.

  • The ability to respond to changes in the business environment in an agile manner.
  • A positive corporate culture.
  • Attainment of corporate goals and objectives.

Meet our experienced HR specialists

Our HR specialists have over 118 years of combined experience you can draw on, and provide HR consulting services to medium-sized businesses throughout New Zealand:


Tanya Gray



Vanessa Jenner

HR Consultant


Ruth Manners

HR Consultant


Pat Patterson

HR Advisor


Cathy Cooper

HR Assistant

Gave us clear vision of where we want to be

"Sometimes we get so busy with the day to day running of our businesses that we lost sight of the importance of the HR function.

We had People Inc undertake a full HR Review of our business and then worked with us to develop a long-term strategy and action plan. The result of the review gave us a clear vision of where we want to be in 12 - 24 months and how to get there.

And it doesn't end there, their support is ongoing, they hold us accountable and celebrate our successes as well."

Tim Baker | Sales and Marketing Manager | APS Group NZ Ltd

Do you need HR consulting assistance?

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