An Immigration NZ requirement for employing skilled workers

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Employer Accreditation

Accredited Employer NZ

Immigration NZ Employer Accreditation

Mandatory from July 2022

Immigration NZ Accredited Employer Work Visas will be required from early July 2022.

Since its introduction in 2019, the requirements around Immigration NZ Accreditation have evolved, as have the working visa types available for skilled workers in New Zealand.

Presently, there are two broad categories of working visa – those with pay above the median pay for NZ and those under the median pay.

Workers paid under the median may apply for 12 month visas. Workers over the median may apply for 36 month visas.

Employers wishing to offer work to residence visas have some additional requirements to meet.

How to apply for accreditation

What is required for employers to get accredited?

Accreditation requires correct, compliant HR processes in place, and evidence that your business is robust enough financially to support the employment contracts to their completion dates.

RecruitNZ brings in the services of our HR Consulting business – ConsultingHQ to assist with accreditation process management. It’s not a big deal from either a time or cost point of view, but it is a necessary step prior to commencing recruitment of skilled workers on visas, and must be done correctly.

We also engage services of our partner business VisaAide NZ to present your application to Immigration NZ if you wish us to – which will mean you are less likely to incur delays. The processes are in continual evolution and we as your team of experts, will be across the most recent iterations of the process.

Primary requirements  for accreditation are:

  • Correct HR processes including complete policy and procedures manual
  • Employment of NZ Citizens in addition to migrants
  • Training & Development Processes in place
employer accreditation
accredited employer nz

Get started with your accreditation

What are the first steps?

Employers wanting to start down the track of accreditation to recruit skilled workers can contact any of our teams – we work synergistically together and all teams & businesses are based in the same building.

While you may commence the recruitment process prior to gaining accreditation, we recommend that you commence the accreditation process before it is required, as the processing queue at Immigration is growing larger by the week.

We have skilled workers already in NZ with current visas looking for work and we can discuss this further with you when you contact us.

Our international recruitment & accreditation team

International Recruitment Team

Tanya Gray

Director & HR Consultant

Kate Waldrom

Senior Recruitment Consultant/ Team Leader

Gerie Rafols

Migration Recruitment Coordinator/ Pastoral Care Officer

recruitment consultant

Paulo de Luna

Recruitment Consultant

HR Consulting team – accreditation processes

Vanessa Jenner

HR Consultant


Jo Cripps

HR Consultant

Pat Patterson

HR Advisor


Louise Howard

HR Advisor

Cathy Cooper

HR Assistant

VisaAide & Immigration Liaison Team

Cameron Gray

New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser

Australian Registered Migration Agent


Sadhana Imran

Licenced (Provisional) New Zealand Immigration Adviser (Provisional)


Deborah Reid

New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser

Lesley Burke

Office Manager

employer accreditation

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Our Values

It means a lot to me and my team that ethical processes be followed for recruitment of skilled migrants.

Employer accreditation is in place to ensure employers have positive HR practices in recruiting & retaining migrants with high skills and positive work ethics. This aligns with our own values & we only work with NZ business owners who follow 100% ethical practices in all areas of recruitment and HR Management.

That accreditation is to be mandatory in New Zealand is excellent news to us.

We are able to expertly assist you with the entire accreditation & recruitment process through our suite of business units.

RecruitNZ’s International Division look forward to assisting you with your accreditation process!