Trade testing:

Pre-employment tests in the Philippines

When you’re investing in recruiting migrant workers , you want to be absolutely certain that your new recruit has the right skills. That’s where pre-employment testing comes into play – specifically, trade tests. In the early stages of the recruitment process, our team will speak to you about assessments available and we can request specific bespoke testing if required. We understand one size does not fit all.

We work with our partner agency in the Philippines to organise practical pre-employment testing. Some employers like to travel to the Philippines to be involved in the trade testing process, but it’s not necessary to do so. We can request trade test reports from the assessor and/or video interviews and recordings.

However, it is strongly recommended that employers pay an assessment fee for an ‘official’ skills assessment, so you

can be assured the trade test is conducted professionally and through a recognised assessor. Cutting corners and costs during processes in the Philippines can leave one open to unethical practices, which can very likely backfire in the future. 

RecruitNZ is experienced in organising pre-employment testing for a variety of trades, roles and occupations. Working with us will save you not only time, but also money.

Note that English language testing is also conducted as a standard part of the interviewing process. All of the workers we shortlist to present to our clients have a strong level of conversational English.

Trade testing videos

Here are just a few examples of practical pre-employment testing in the Philippines. We can organise trade test interviews for many other trades and professions too – contact us to find out more.

Welder trade testing in the Philippines (#1)

Welder trade testing in the Philippines (#2)

Vinyl layer installer trade testing in the Philippines

Class 5 truck and trailer driver trade testing in the Philippines

Tiler trade testing in the Philippines

The team at RecruitNZ have been working with us to bring immigrant construction workers to NZ. They have handled the recruitment process from initial screening to interviewing to liaising with various governments. Their consultants are invaluable to our business. Their local knowledge of the Filipino employment market and government processes is instrumental to ensuring a smooth, efficient recruitment process. They know exactly what we are looking for in an employee and deliver every time."

Katie Geck | Proclad

Do you have questions about pre-employment testing?

Please contact us for advice and information, we’ll be glad to help you.