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"Even when you are really experienced in selection, recruitment and HR… at times it is not optimal to recruit your own team members. Like many business owners, when it comes to recruiting for my own team, I want to tell the potential new-comer all the great reasons for joining my team, especially if I quickly warm to them. Interview bias is certainly something that I can become susceptible to. It is for these reasons that I have used Tanya to recruit two of my top performers and will continue to use her going forward. Tanya is completely thorough and objective in her approach, she knows my business and me extremely well and she knows what to ask when it comes to meeting candidates or undertaking references. I know that by the time I meet short listed candidates that they will fit into my team. I trust Tanya implicitly when making hiring decisions for my team. 

I highly recommend Tanya, she is an astute business woman who understands the needs and challenges of other business owners."

Sharn Rayner | Managing Director | Pod Consulting (HR Consultancy)

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