Are your NZ-based Filipino workers planning on travelling home over the Christmas or New Year period?

Ensuring a smooth return home: The significance of contract authentication for employers of returning Filipino workers

As you support your Filipino workers in their return home for a well-deserved holiday, there’s an important consideration that can enhance their experience: contract authentication. This essential process holds substantial advantages and contributes to a seamless transition for your employees during their time back in the Philippines.

Understanding Contract Authentication:

Contract authentication entails having your employees’ employment contracts verified and authenticated by the MWO in their respective host countries. This verification process confirms the authenticity of their employment, underscores the terms and conditions of their contracts, and establishes their rights as overseas workers.

Reasons for Emphasizing Contract Authentication:

  1. Legal Safeguard: Authenticated contracts establish a legal framework for your employees’ overseas employment. This step ensures that they are well-protected under both Philippine and foreign labour regulations, reinforcing their rights.
  2. Clarity of Terms: Through contract authentication, you assist in validating the accuracy of the terms and conditions stipulated in the employment agreements. This proactive measure mitigates potential discrepancies or misunderstandings that might arise during their time abroad.
  3. Emergency Preparedness: In case of unforeseen emergencies, having an authenticated contract streamlines the process of seeking support from the Philippine government and the host country’s authorities.

Facilitating the Authentication Process:

The team at RecruitNZ can look after all of this for your worker- please do not leave this until the last minute as current processing times is 2 weeks

As you assist your Filipino workers in their vacations to the Philippines, prioritising the authentication of their employment contracts ensures they can return to NZ without any issues at the border!

What our clients say about RecruitNZ

“Our Concrete Company engaged the services of Recruit NZ to help us find some Filipino concrete contractors to join our busy company. We have been extremely happy with the process that Recruit NZ has in place and we felt fully informed of what was happening the whole way through this journey. It is not a quick process and we could not have done this without a company like Recruit NZ on board to sort out all the legal requirements needed to employ someone from the Philippines. We are also thankful for the ongoing support we have had from Recruit NZ in helping out with the transition for the Filipino guys into our business. We would recommend this process to anyone looking to employ someone from the Philippines as we are more than happy with our 2 new workers. We are now looking to employ a few more candidates in the near future to help us grow our company.”

Jodie Wallen | Wallen Concreting Ltd

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