what’s-changed-in-the-world-of-filipino- recruitment

What’s changed in the world of Filipino recruitment

For those of you that are familiar with all the acronyms associated with the recruitment of Filipino workers, below are some of the changes this year has seen to keep you up to date:

POEAPhilippines Overseas Employment Administration is now referred to as DMW (Department of Migrant Workers). This is the executive department of the Philippines Government tasked to protect the rights and promote the welfare globally for their OFWs (Overseas Foreign Workers).

POLO – Philippines Overseas Labour Office is now referred to as MWO (Migrant Workers Office). The MWO provides critical support, assistance and any resources that may be required to migrant workers and their families while they are working abroad. This is the main go to point for OFW’s that may need assistance from the DMW such as employment related issues, legal advice and assist with any instances of abuse or exploitation.

When you read of the sheer volume of Filipino’s deployed globally in 2023, you will understand why these departments are required to manage and monitor OFWs deployment.


Did you know?

  • Between January and April alone this year, over 800,000 OFWs were deployed abroad?
  • 1.2 million Filipinos were deployed in 2022, amidst the global pandemic.
  • The current median wage is $29.66 per hour.
  • INZ had received over 26,000 employer accreditation applications since applications opened on 23 May 2022. On average, INZ processes employer accreditation applications in 3 weekdays (90% of applications are processed within 13 weekdays).*
  • Job check applications opened on 20 June 2022. INZ has received 40,744 applications, equating to 204,739 jobs. Of those, 39,090 job check applications have been approved, equating to 194,629 jobs. On average, INZ processes job check applications in 5 weekdays (90% of applications are processed within 16 weekdays). *
  • INZ had received 79,554 work visa applications and approved 70,483 since applications opened on 4 July 2022. On average, INZ processes AEWV applications in 13 weekdays (90% of applications are processed within 57 weekdays). *
  • INZ had received around 106,000 applications, including 217,000 people, under the 2021 RV category. As at 1 July 2023, more than 201,000 people from the 217,000 total have had their 2021 RV application approved since applications opened. As at 3 July 2023, INZ has processed 95% of 2021 Resident Visa applications.
  • Since visitor visa applications opened to visitors offshore on 31 July, INZ has received 373,446 applications. On average, INZ processes visitor visa applications in 7 weekdays (90% of applications are processed within 35 weekdays).

*Please note the stats above are from the INZ website and are correct as at 28 June 2023.

What our clients say about RecruitNZ

“Our Concrete Company engaged the services of Recruit NZ to help us find some Filipino concrete contractors to join our busy company. We have been extremely happy with the process that Recruit NZ has in place and we felt fully informed of what was happening the whole way through this journey. It is not a quick process and we could not have done this without a company like Recruit NZ on board to sort out all the legal requirements needed to employ someone from the Philippines. We are also thankful for the ongoing support we have had from Recruit NZ in helping out with the transition for the Filipino guys into our business. We would recommend this process to anyone looking to employ someone from the Philippines as we are more than happy with our 2 new workers. We are now looking to employ a few more candidates in the near future to help us grow our company.”

Jodie Wallen Wallen Concreting Ltd

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