Business Confidence Increases

Business confidence is soaring and we’re seeing more demand than ever for help with HR and recruitment.

The Recruit NZ team now has 9 people and recruiting another 2, and we’ve even been to Australia recently to head hunt some of those difficult-to-fill vacancies where there’s a talent shortage in NZ. So if you’re thinking of expanding your business, give us a call as we have some great candidates on our books.

One of the challenges with growing your business is the extra workplace compliance, and the Government’s going to be focusing even more on this over the coming years.

Read on to see how Recruit NZ can help to lighten the load and help to keep you on the right side of employment laws…

What does the Government’s $32m investment in workplace compliance mean for you?

The Government’s just announced that they’ll be investing an additional $32 million into making sure that NZ businesses are compliant in all aspects of employment law. To find out more click here

Specifically, the Government will be investing in training, information, education and guidance – as well as employing 6 more compliance inspectors in the Auckland region.

Why this is good news for fair employers

This is good news for employers that play by the rules; it means that there’s less chance of you being undercut by companies who are taking shortcuts.

After all, a level playing field is fairer to all concerned – and especially to employees who aren’t getting the pay and management they’re entitled to.

Keeping up with employment laws is challenging…

Let’s face it; employment laws are changing at an unprecedented pace. It can be hard to keep up with all the documentation requirements, let alone the processes around things such as 90-day trial periods, termination procedures, and so on.

To find out more, click on the links below:

What is an employment agreement and how does it help you as an employer
What you need to know about 90 day trial periods

If you’re not sure if all your HR practices are 100% squeaky clean, or you’d like a free health check on how your HR stacks up, we can help you.

Click here to see how your HR stacks up

Free HR Audit

See how your HR systems stack up by filling in our online HR audit form - it only takes 1 minute. It’s free to submit, and you’re under no obligations by taking part.

You’ll discover which aspects of your HR is working well, as well as highlighting areas where your workplace compliance could improve.

Go on, take the test ... do you really want one of those 6 new government inspectors knocking at your door?

PS. If you’re wondering if Recruit NZ is reputable, we’ve worked with household names such as Konica Minolta, PlaceMakers, Mitre 10, Bunnings, LJ Hooker Real Estate, and more.

Here’s what they’re saying about us.

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