HR Training at Half Price

Although January is often the time for business planning and setting goals, it’s just as important to keep the momentum going throughout the year. But we all know that this is easier said than done when things get busy!

Fortunately, the New Year of NZTE funding starts on 1st of July, making it the ideal time to review your organisation’s training needs – and to make the most of the Government contribution that you’re entitled to.

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How to get up to $10,000 of HR training at half price

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) provides eligible businesses with a matching grant of up to $5,000 for training of business owners and managers, and a new year of funding begins on 1st July 2015.

Here’s how the NZTE training scheme works, and how Recruit NZ can help you with your HR and Recruitment training needs…

What is NZTE training?

The NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme supports organisations in taking the next step to grow their business. Small and medium sized businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers.

Vouchers for capability development services can be provided up to a maximum of $5,000 (excluding GST) per business in any year. Vouchers cover up to 50% of the cost of the course, workshop or coaching session. The business owner must provide matching funding of 50% of the value of the capability development service.

Find out more about the Vouchers and how to register for them.

What kind of training options does Recruit NZ provide?

Here are Recruit NZ’s most popular NZTE training options:

  • Strategic HR
  • Effective Inductions for Business Owners/Managers
  • Recruitment Template Implementation for Business Owners/Managers
  • Effective Selection
  • Personality Profiling to Understand Your Team and Build a Star Team!
  • Interview Like an Expert

You can find out more about these training courses here.

This is just the beginning of what Recruit NZ can help you with!

The above list of courses is just the beginning of what Recruit NZ can do for you, as we can customise the training to suit your needs.

So if you need help with an HR or Recruitment topic that isn’t listed here, please contact us with what you have in mind and we can create a tailor-made training programme for your business.

What if I've already had NZTE training in the past?

If you’ve already had NZTE training previously, then make the most of the New Year of funding and use your vouchers!

Whether you’ve got new managers that need a refresher on the basics, or you want to take your management team to the next level, let’s talk. You can call us on 09 280 3977 or email

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the NZTE training, how it works, or how it could benefit your business, please contact the Recruit NZ team and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

What happens next?

The Recruit NZ team will give you a call to see how the vouchers could benefit your business or to get started straight away, please give us a call on 09 280 3977 or email

Next step:  Are you wondering how your HR processes stack up?

If you’d like to know what you’re doing well in terms of your HR and Recruitment (and discover which areas need attention), find out with our free HR audit. It’s confidential, quick and easy!

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PS. If you’re wondering if Recruit NZ is reputable, we’ve worked with household names such as Konica Minolta, PlaceMakers, Mitre 10, Bunnings, LJ Hooker Real Estate, and more.

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