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Are your HR procedures exposing you to risk?

Have you noticed how many headlines there are in the NZ Herald at the moment about companies that have fallen foul of employment law?

Getting it wrong can be extremely costly, as the examples below show.

And notice how these articles are all from August 2013… there are a lot of businesses paying compensation at the moment:

Worker gets $12,000 over wrongful dismissal

Employers did not follow the correct procedure when terminating the employment of a woman in Tauranga. The employers have been ordered to contribute $6,000 towards lost remuneration and a further $3,000 as compensation. 9 August 2013. 

Salad bar worker unjustifiably dismissed by text message

The employee was awarded $6,000 in compensation for distress and humiliation, because the employer unjustifiable accused them of theft. 19 August 2013.

Auckland company fined after worker loses finger tip

A worker was awarded $25,000 after losing the tip of a finger in an accident that has been described as “avoidable”. 15 August 2013.

Woman fired while on sick leave awarded compensation

The company didn’t believe that the employee was sick, and didn’t follow the Employment Act in dismissing her. The employee was awarded $2,500 compensation. 22 August 2013.

How can you ensure that your business doesn’t face huge compensation payments? 

The best way of ensuring that your business doesn’t face these avoidable fines is to make sure that your HR procedures are in order.

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