Employer Accreditation for Skilled Migrant Employment

Become a preferred employer for skilled migrants and reduce visa processing time.

Immigration NZ Accredited Employer Status

The recruitment of skilled migrants into New Zealand has evolved as a process.

One of the largest resource pools for skilled workers in the Philippines. Filipino workers generally have a relatively high level of skill, a high work ethic & a fabulous attitude.

These are just three of the reasons why the Philippines has become a preferred source for skilled workers in many industries.

The process, however, has become lengthy, and is a shifting target – RecruitNZ’s Migrant Recruitment team has fine-tuned processes to enable employers to easily navigate the many changes in the rules and requirements.

One of the most significant developments in migrant recruitment thus far is Employer Accreditation.

The background behind the Employer Accreditation process is to ensure that migrant workers have good working conditions, due care is taken to ensure their wellbeing and workplace conditions are of a high standard – and that continuity of work is assured.

Many of the rules in place are concerned with the wellbeing and surety of ongoing employment for the duration of the contract – in a volatile and at times unpredictable trading environment for some industries.

Immigration NZ regularly investigates situations that are not compliant and has now introduced an Employer Accreditation for Migrant Recruitment programme that will become mandatory from 2020.

The purpose of this programme is to ensure that all businesses wishing to recruit migrant workers not only meet the minimum requirements but have standard operating processes in place that will ensure that Business Operation Standards will remain at a high standard for the duration of the Migrant’s employment.

In short, Immigration NZ will only allow well managed, financially sound businesses to recruit migrants from 2020.

How is a well-run business defined?

  • A well-run business – for Employer Accreditation purposes, MUST have the following in place as standard operating procedures:
  • The applying business must be in sound financial condition: various financial statements will be required as part of the application process.
  • Sound HR processes must be in place (our sister company ConsultingHQ specialises in this area.
  • There must be evidence of a commitment to employing and providing training for New Zealanders.
  • There must be a history of compliance with Immigration NZ processes – so any business owner caught taking a shortcut now will not be allowed accreditation in the future.
  • Robust Health & Safety Processes must be in place – your ACC record will be taken into consideration.
  • A majority of employees who are New Zealanders (migrant recruitment must augment employee numbers rather than replace NZ Employees).
  • In addition to these mandatory requirements, the following also is taken into consideration with your application:
  • Equal Employment Opportunities Employer Group Membership
  • Industry Training Organisation Membership
  • ISO accreditation level – and intended duration of accreditation

RecruitNZ can help you become an accredited employer.

RecruitNZ has superior insight into the ever-evolving Immigration NZ processes through partner business VisaAide – specialising in visa applications for New Zealand and Australia.

Through our Filipino New Zealanders, we also have insight into POEA processes that many other recruitment businesses do not have.

This enables us to remain fully connected and engaged at both ends of the migrant recruitment process.

We also have a unique opportunity to assist employers with HR process development for compliance with our sister business, HR specialist ConsultingHQ. Your journey through the accreditation process is seamless as we bring you and your chosen management team members through a well-developed process across the various functions within our broader organisation.

What are the benefits of becoming an accredited employer?

That’s simple – as mentioned above, being granted accredited employer status will become mandatory in 2020, so the time to apply is now. Processing time for the application is about 8 weeks, but you should allow 12 weeks before you intend to commence recruiting as an accredited employer.

This timeline will probably become much longer once accreditation becomes mandatory.

Accredited employers will enjoy a prioritised and thus shortened visa application process – as many of the steps are covered in the accreditation process.

Importantly, you have the opportunity to become a preferred employer by skilled migrants, as you will have the opportunity to apply for a 30-month work to residence visa, enabling employees of an accredited employer to apply for a much coveted NZ Residence after 24 months continuous employment if you meet a few requirements as follows:

  • Employment must be ongoing or for a minimum period of 24 months.
  • Minimum salary of $55,000 per annum.
  • Rate of pay must be at standard NZ pay rates for this type of work (you may not inflate the rate of pay or under pay).
  • The Employment Agreement must specify a minimum number of 30 paid hours per week, and must include paid overtime for hours in excess of 40 hours in a working week.
  • The role must be in line with your main business activity.
  • The successful candidate may be no older than 55 years old at the time of taking employment.
  • The employee must meet health and character check requirements.

What are the costs of becoming an accredited employer?

The fee to Immigration NZ is presently slightly more than $2000. The true cost is in ensuring your business standards are compliant.

RecruitNZ offers an Employer Accreditation compliance audit, which will include details on any costs to get your processes in order for a successful application. Failing to comply, or providing incomplete application information sets can extend the application process hugely.

By using the RecruitNZ Employer Accreditation Application service, you are assured comprehensive, professional, expert advice on recruitment, migrant recruitment, HR & Immigration process at every step.

As process development can be involved, we recommend that you contact us to commence the process of Accreditation Application as early as possible.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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