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Skilled immigrants bring a diverse range of expertise and knowledge to New Zealand businesses, which can lead to increased innovation and productivity. Additionally, they can help fill skill shortages in specific industries, allowing businesses to grow and expand.

RecruitNZ’s Director Tanya Gray was interviewed by 1News about skill shortages in NZ. Also interviewed was one of the fantastic Filipino workers we recently placed at Gas & Tyre.

Watch the news segment here:

Testimonial from Brandon Reyburn at Gas & Tyre

“Gas & Tyre was started 34 years ago in Dargaville by a family over there, and we've recently extended to three branches in Northland: Waipapa, Whangarei, and Dargaville.

With doing that, we needed more staff to accommodate our busyness.

Essentially, we were struggling to find workers in New Zealand that were willing to turn up every day and get stuck in.

The migrant workers are very good, they've settled in quickly to the New Zealand lifestyle, and they've really made a difference to our business.

We've already recruited more migrant workers: our initial recruitment of Filipino workers was for our Dargaville branch, and we've now just recently added two more of those to our Whangarei branch.

The Filipino workers have made our business a far happier place: they're all very bubbly and happy and willing to work and it's taken the workload off some of our other key workers.

I'd absolutely recommend importing Filipino workers and RecruitNZ has been very good helping us to do this.

A big thank you to RecruitNZ and to our current workers.

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