Sample situational interview questions

  • If you saw a co-worker begin to work without wearing the required safety gear what would you do?
  • What would you do in a situation where you were presented with a deadline for completing a piece of work that you felt was not doable in the time allowed, given the volume of previous work you had already been assigned?
  • You are asked to prepare a business case for a particular initiative. What steps would you take to complete this task?
  • Sometimes at work we are in the position of being pulled in multiple directions at one time. How would you cope with that situation?
  • If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed at work by the volume of change, what coping strategies do you use to get yourself back on track?
  • You have just been asked to solve a problem for a very important client, but it involves a situation that you have never dealt with before. Your manager is not around to help. There is no established precedent or process for dealing with this issue. What do you do?
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