Employer Tips for International Recruitment

RecruitNZ has been involved in the International Recruitment scene in New Zealand for several years.

Our processes have been developed to provide a robust, correct and compliant journey for clients.

The time required for process management, from job specification, through recruitment, trade testing and eventual onboarding is significantly greater than for NZ based recruits – here are our top tips for employers undergoing this process.

Tip One – If you or one of your managers is spending more than a day and a half on International Recruitment per average month, it will be cost effective for you to consider outsourcing it. The requirements morph continually – it takes a considerable amount of time to stay fully up with the play.

The Philippines is one of the most complex countries to recruit from, so unless you have internal expertise, we do not recommend the DIY approach.

Tip Two – Get your accreditation sorted as soon as possible, before it becomes mandatory. Employers leaving accreditation to the last minute will get stuck in the queue! Accreditation means a relatively faster track to visa approval, and also means better HR processes for your business.

Tip Three – Get advice from an experienced licenced immigration advisor – and request evidence of their licence. Some advisors have been stripped of their licence due to not following the correct procedures in house. ONLY licenced immigration advisors may give advice on visas – not their unlicenced employees.

Tip Four – Ensure your new employees are accommodated comfortably for at least the first two to four weeks of their employment. They are happy to be accommodated with other skilled workers, but the accommodation must be of an appropriate standard. Some employers have been banned for failing in this area, which reflects poorly on all employers in New Zealand.

Tip Five – Be a good employer. Migrants are very loyal workers, but they are also highly sought after in New Zealand and have been known to shift employers where employment conditions are not ideal for them. This has been quite a shift in the most recent 12 months – with highly skilled migrants beginning to prefer one employer over another.

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