Proactively tracking down the very best recruits for you

Not everyone is job-hunting all the time, so if you are only advertising your vacancy to the current pool of candidates, there is a good chance you are missing out on some of the best people.
Headhunting in recruitment is about approaching the best people in your industry, be it within New Zealand or internationally.
Using a talent sourcing service is more common in New Zealand than you may think. In October 2013, a survey revealed that the top 30 law firms in NZ and Australia see headhunting as their preferred recruitment strategy. So if you’re not using headhunting in your recruitment, you’re probably missing out on the very best people.

Why use a talent sourcing service?

Recruit NZ has a number of recruitment techniques to locate and attract the very best people in your industry – without you having to be directly involved in the approach.
This removes the pressure from both employer and candidate.

Recruit NZ can head hunt within New Zealand or internationally.

Step 1: Talent mapping

Talent sourcing and mapping is about identifying the countries where particular people (e.g. Senior Structural Engineers) are located. Once we know which countries they’re in, Recruit NZ then develops a talent sourcing strategy on how to find and best contact these people.

Step 2: Contacting potential talent

Our talent sourcing specialist contacts suitable people to see if they are interested in learning more about the position.
These conversations take place without jeopardising the candidate's current employment. It is vital that headhunting in recruitment is done in such a way that current employers and managers do not find out that someone is talking to us. Professional headhunters are skilled discretion.

Why headhunting makes sense in niche industries

Some industries are so small or so niche that a company can’t do anything without competitors finding out. That can make launching a new product or service very challenging, and can erode a company’s first-mover advantage.
By headhunting for new staff rather than advertising vacancies in the traditional way, it maintains a company’s privacy for as long as possible.


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