Migrant Recruitment in New Zealand
Working Visas For Skilled Migrants

Find out about the correct and compliant path to follow for skilled migrant visa application in New Zealand.


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Getting the right advice is critical.

Only licensed immigration consultants may give employers advice on a visa application for employees.

All licensed advisers will have a license number. Make sure you have checked that the license is current, as some advisors have been de-licensed in New Zealand.

RecruitNZ is in the fortunate situation of having direct access within our office to experienced and licensed Immigration Adviser Cameron Gray, and his team at Visa Aide

Cameron takes personal responsibility for all advice given to the RecruitNZ team on Visa applications for both New Zealand and Australia.

We can be very sure that the advice you receive from us is 100% up to date and 100% correct and valid at the time of it being given.

Cameron Gray. Owner – VisaAide

Licenced Immigration Adviser


Migrant Recruitment in New Zealand

Working Visa Application Process

Working Visa Application for Migrants

While employers can apply directly to Immigration NZ, you are wise to get expert advice at the start of the process. One incorrectly completed form or neglected step can throw you back to the start of the process – which is the single most frustrating experience for employers in recruiting skilled migrants.

The process involves both the Philippines governing body and Immigration NZ. If you require your employees to travel to Australia for training or for any other work-related purpose, Immigration Australia will also become involved in the visa application process.

Cameron is licensed to give visa advice to employers for both New Zealand and Australia and has a lot of experience in both.

Accredited Employer Status

Immigration New Zealand is working toward mandatory accredited employer status for NZ employers wishing to recruit skilled migrants. This will achieve processing efficiencies within Immigration New Zealand (thus potentially streamlining visa processing time for accredited employers), while also elevating standards of employment and HR processes.

There is a set process for employer accreditation, managed by RecruitNZ’s ConsultingHQ HR specialist team.

All employers should be considering the steps required for accreditation – which offers the opportunity to offer employees the much coveted ‘work to residence’ visa. This gives migrants a significantly faster path to NZ Residence, and those accredited employers who have the opportunity to offer this visa type do tend to attract a higher quality of candidate.

VisaAide Team

Sadhana Imran

Sadhana holds a provisional license as an Immigration Adviser for New Zealand. She worked for Immigration New Zealand in the Suva Office for over 8 years before relocating with her husband to New Zealand

Licenced immigration Advisor

Deborah Reid

Deborah started working in New Zealand’s Immigration environment in 2007. Her background of client-liaison has provided her with excellent experience in building trust with her clients with a professional approach.

Lesley Burke

Lesley is the welcoming voice you will hear first when you call the VisaAide Office. Lesley is the Office Manager and takes care of all accounts and administration across the busy team.

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