How long does the process take?

Recruiting skilled workers who are currently in the Philippines, from start to finish takes around 12 weeks. However, it is frequently the case that we have already recruited for a specific skill and we always have more suitable, already interviewed and screened applicants than we are able to find jobs for - which shortens the process.

We update the current candidates page on our site with current available candidates registered with us and we have had many jobs in progress.

What are the costs involved?

Costs are similar to recruiting NZ Citizens, plus the added cost of the POEA, the Visa and in some cases the airfare. Per candidate, recruitment-related costs are around $8,500. Employers must commit to accommodating workers arriving in New Zealand and provide transportation to and from the site for up to 12 weeks while they settle in. Recruiting more than one skilled worker does reduce these costs.

Can I employ migrants for short-term or casual hours?

You may employ seasonal workers in some industries - in accordance with the skill shortage list for the duration of the season, but you may not recruit overseas workers then lay them off if your business requirement is reduced. There is a minimum paid hours per week requirement for the entire contracted period. You must have a genuine requirement for ongoing work in order for your visa and employer application to be successful. Our team will help you understand these requirements.

Can I get firm costs for a tendering process?

Yes you can. We can't, however, guarantee that the workers will get Visas approved. The requirement for employers to advertise within New Zealand and to take every step possible to find New Zealand Citizens for the position is a consideration.

Are you able to handle working visa application?

Yes, we are. We have a strategic alliance with VisaAide - a licenced immigration specialist with expertise in visa applications for both Australia and New Zealand. VisaAide would handle visa applications and processing for your business and would liaise directly with our recruitment team for the required information.

What kind of roles does RecruitNZ recruit for?

RecruitNZ specialises in roles for the construction and related industries up to Level 4 Certification, where certification of skill is required. We do also have a number of other industries where we recruit migrants, so do contact us. We have pre-approved applicants waiting on employment agreements - view some recent profiles here.

Will the change of government to Labour in 2017 make a difference to migrant workers being available?

No. The Labour government do have a focus on migration, but where there is a genuine skill shortage, there is not expected to be an issue. The Labour government is committed to housing and roading developments that will require even more skilled construction workers. There is also an initiative from the Labour government encouraging NZ Businesses to bring in apprentice workers alongside migrant workers.

Do RecruitNZ also handle non migrant recruitment?

Yes. We have a full team of recruitment consultants for both national recruitment and international recruitment. We also have a partner company specialising in Strategic HR - ConsultingHQ