“I first met the RecruitNZ team as a candidate looking for a new job. They were friendly, very communicative, going into detail as to the benefits of working at the business along with their values and culture. I found the process thorough and helpful. Now that I work in the business, I am now using RecruitNZ to recruit my new team members. I am confident that they will go the extra mile during the recruitment process and will find the best people for us.”

Jeremy Olliver, National Sales & Business Development Manager

Unex Systems

Our Concrete Company engaged the services of Recruit NZ to help us find some Filipino concrete contractors to join our busy company. We have been extremely happy with the process that Recruit NZ have in place and were fully informed of what was happening the whole way through this journey. It is not a quick process and we could not have done this without a company like Recruit NZ on board to sort out all the legal requirements needed to employ someone from the Philippines. We are also thankful with the ongoing support we have had from Recruit NZ in helping out with the transition for the Filipino guys into our business. We would recommend this process to anyone looking to employ someone from the Philippines as we are more than happy with our 2 new workers. We are now looking to employ a few more candidates in the near future to help us grow our company.

Jodie Wallen.

Wallen Concreting Ltd.

Jodie Wallen – Wallen Concreting.

The team at RecruitNZ have been working with us to bring immigrant construction workers to NZ. They have handled the recruitment process from initial screening to interviewing to liaising with various governments. Their consultants are invaluable to our business. Their local knowledge of the Filipino employment market and government processes is instrumental to ensuring a smooth, efficient recruitment process. They know exactly what we are looking for in an employee and deliver every time.


Katie Geck – Proclad

As a candidate, the process of applying for positions can be a minefield as you try to match your skill set and values with available positions. I was also looking at roles over the Christmas period while many recruiters are away when I saw a role of interest from Recruit NZ. I applied and I received immediate notification that my application had been accepted and within the week, I had my first contact with RecruitNZ.

The recruitment consultant was so easy to talk to as she discussed my suitability and was true to her word when she escalated my application to a senior recruitment consultant for the next stage of the process. I then had my first video interview before meeting the company’s Managing Director. The follow-up, as a candidate, from Recruit NZ cannot be faulted. The people I spoke with in the team ensured I knew what to expect in my interview and put any nerves to rest. Immediately after my interview, they were on the phone to follow up on how it went and give me feedback as she had already spoken with my future employer.

Prior to being invited back to my second interview, we talked at length about the values of the company to ensure they matched what I was after as they understood the importance of this to me. We also talked about my future development within the company so I could see the growth and opportunities which have proven to be spot on. I was provided with the company’s core values, the position description and a company overview so when I was offered the position, I knew I really wanted the position without hesitation. The follow up continued until a few weeks after my commencement to ensure all the employment paperwork was completed, the induction was going smooth and I was happy.

Less than five months later after starting my new position, I was then asked to fill a role we had available in our Sales Support team. This time I could see how Recruit NZ worked from the other side of the desk.

The advert was placed with consideration to ensure it was on the front page of the online employment site. All candidates were given due consideration and screened before being passed on to us to view. When we asked to interview any of the candidates, appointments were confirmed within the hour and follow up after meeting the candidates was as expected – immediate.

We were able to bounce any concerns off the Recruit NZ team and the overview of the candidate provided was so insightful. Prior to any second interviews reference checks were completed and provided in a very timely manner.

After having worked with Recruit NZ as both a candidate and an employer, I can’t find any fault. The speed of the follow up, the transparency in our interaction I had, the support in both situations was very professional. The end result has been for me, very positive. Not only did I gain employment in a great company, I have received a promotion, as predicated with still loads of opportunity, and most importantly our values are matched. We are also very excited about the new staff member starting with us soon.

Sarah Waldron – Leedsafe

It is with great pleasure I write this testimonial for Recruit NZ. Over a number of years we had used other HR companies and although the consultants were always pleasant and friendly the vetting process done by them was always lacking as was often their aftercare.

I was recommended Recruit NZ by a supplier of ours and decided to use them when we next needed to recruit a new staff member. I spoke with Recruit NZ and then met with one of their team. I found my recruitment consultant to be so friendly and extremely efficient and the process of reporting back on her preliminary interviews with potential candidates is very helpful. She has notes written from her interviews which is very helpful when we reflect back on the skills and qualities of each candidate after we have interviewed them. The team also enquired about our work culture and find or recommend a candidate who would fit into the team.
Once we interviewed potential candidates, we had a call to discuss our views. The employment contract details are dealt with promptly. Then after we made an appointment there was follow up by phone in the first 6 weeks with us and with the new employee.
I have been impressed with the process and her ability to weed through potential candidates ensuring we are not wasting our time interviewing everybody.

Sarah McMullin – Landmark Homes

We have worked with Recruit NZ for several years, and utilised both their National and Migration recruitment services, as well as having used their sister companies Consulting HQ and VisaAide services. We have developed a strong working relationship, where I feel that the team understand our business and genuinely care about the impact each new hire will have on our business. After assessing the suitability of several candidates from overseas, we have engaged Recruit NZ’s services to hire from the Philippines for skill shortages that are hard to fill in our region. We are excited to be growing our company with local and international talent, with Recruit NZ as our partner.

Peter Burgess – Cabtec

Recruit NZ was recommended to Unex Systems by a local business. Our business was growing and looking to hire a few key roles, some which were new to our business. Recruit NZ took the time to really get to know our business and our existing team.  They then helped us shape the roles, and managed the recruitment process professionally from end to end. Recently we have extended our relationship from just recruiting locally for key roles, to trusting Recruit NZ to find us skilled team members from overseas when local candidates are not available. I have found the standard of process, communication, and ultimately the end result in hiring top talent has been very pleasing.

Lincoln Thomas – Unex

My experience with RecruitNZ started in April 2017..

Being on the employment hunt can be a very nervous time, which can carry its fair share of rejection.

What I found valuable, was that the consultants kept their finger on the pulse during the whole process. With ongoing contact, I was made to feel important and a high priority.

During our first phone calls, I found the recruitment consultant to have strong rapport-building skills. Not just asking profession-based questions, but also wanting to learn about me as a person. Clearly having done her research on the firm, the knowledge my consultant was able to pass on helped me in the decision-making process.

It’s been a pleasure working with RecruitNZ and I recommend RecruitNZ to any Employer.

Anita Llewell - Wealth Bee

We have been working with Recruit NZ for over 4 years now. 

The team is great to work with and we know that they will consistently find the right fit of candidates for our company.

I really appreciate the way they follow up after the new recruit has started to see that both the employer and employee are satisfied.

We also use their HR Consulting division which is invaluable both for us as business owners and the staff.”

Ben Heath - General Manager | Furtex Limited

We have used RecruitNZ to recruit a number of key positions in our company.

We have always found the team at RecruitNZ professional and easy to work with. Feedback from the candidates about Rose and the process, once they are on board, has been great also.

They take the hassle out of recruiting staff and the follow up is awesome,asking how team members are going that have been with us for a number of years. This shows they don’t just fill a position and forget about it. They are there as a support through any challenges we faced during the process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tanya and the team. Great company, great people.

Reuben Beatson - Business Development Leader, ASTRO

I know that by the time I meet short listed candidates that they will fit into my team…
Even when you are really experienced in selection, recruitment and HR… at times it is not optimal to recruit your own team members. Like many business owners, when it comes to recruiting for my own team, I want to tell the potential new-comer all the great reasons for joining my team, especially if I quickly warm to them. Interview bias is certainly something that I can become susceptible to.
It is for these reasons that I have used Tanya to recruit two of my top performers and will continue to use her going forward. Tanya is completely thorough and objective in her approach, she knows my business and me extremely well and she knows what to ask when it comes to meeting candidates or undertaking references. I know that by the time I meet short listed candidates that they will fit into my team. I trust Tanya implicitly when making hiring decisions for my team.
I highly recommend Tanya, she is an astute business woman who understands the needs and challenges of other business owners.

Sharn Rayner - Managing Director | Pod Consulting (HR Consultancy)

She has a real passion to support small business owners and I’m not sure what I did before working with her…
Tanya has worked with me to create my recruitment plan, all the documents I need to recruit well and supported me through the process of recruitment for my company. I found her extremely competent, very creative and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She has a real passion to support small business owners and I’m not sure what I did before working with her. I certainly refer her to anyone who needs a great recruitment company. Thanks Tanya.

Vanessa Dave - Founder and Managing Director | Venus Network

Her selection of the candidate was superb and she understood the needs of our business fully…
Tanya Gray has recently found a candidate to join our real estate sales team at LJ Hooker Ponsonby, her selection of the candidate was superb and she understood the needs of our business fully. I find Tanya to be extremely diligent, with excellent follow up, very professional, hardworking and organised. We would certainly use her services again and would not hesitate in recommending her services to anyone else.

Dee McDade - Property Consultant | LJ Hooker Ponsonby

Tanya is professional, helpful, punctual and has a very good perception of people, therefore matching the right people up to the right jobs…
Tanya doesn’t muck around at getting a job done and took the task of seeking 3 nationwide reps for my business with great enthusiasm. Tanya is professional, helpful, punctual and has a very good perception of people, therefore matching the right people up to the right jobs. She has also given me great support and valuable advice along the way.

Debbie Talbot-King - Director | Jazabaloo Ltd

When I met Tanya I knew she was going to be fabulous as she walks the talk.
Having Tanya do our recruiting has been an easy experience and she understands what kind of person I want. There is no mucking around. I love the follow up and the report system and processes Recruit NZ have in place. It showed me that the level of professionalism the team at Recruit NZ has is so high and the level to find the right staff member is so high. I was blown away on the level of service I received.
I don’t know why more companies don’t do this – it took the pain out of recruitment for me so I could focus on running my business so saved me time and money and knowing that the team at Recruit NZ really do care was truly fantastic!

Sarah Bruce - Managing Director | Edible Blooms

You can trust that the team at Recruit NZ keeps your company’s interests in mind throughout all the stages of the recruitment process and they are always available when you need them.
Thank you Tanya and the team at Recruit NZ for finding us such a great person. I have just had a fantastic few days spending time with our new Wellington Manager here at the Auckland Office (for some training and getting to know her). Have thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with her and am absolutely confident that she will be even better than we could have hoped for!

Rachael Larsen - Marketing and Office Manager | Solar Chem Roofing Ltd

Tanya has an amazing wealth of knowledge in her industry and was a huge benefit to me in this stressful time…
I am the owner of a Hairdressing Salon which has been in the family for some 35 years. It is a small suburban salon with myself and 1 senior hairdresser working in the business, after 8.5 years my senior stylist decided to leave. Not having to have dealt with having to employ staff for some time it became obvious that I was out of my depth, (great hairdresser hopeless in recruiting).

Having had Tanya as a client, I called her in a panic, she met with me immediately she could hear the panic in my voice, and took over asking several questions where upon I answered no to most of them, do I have an employment contract, do I have a description of the vacant job, do I have the advertising in place and if so where and so on and so on.

As I am a small business and do not have the excess funds to spend on recruitment, Tanya was upfront and discussed my cost options. I decided to use Recruit NZ’s unbundled service as opposed to end to end recruitment to save on the costs. Tanya created an advertisement, she listed it for me in all the right places, monitored it on a weekly basis, and assisted in creating the necessary Employment Agreements, Letter of Offer and all other relevant documentation required to employ staff in today’s environment.

Tanya was unbelievable, she kept me updated, constantly checking everything was going ok, and even when I got a bit down because the right person seemed hard to find, she explained the process to me again, assuring me that it was normal. Tanya has an amazing wealth of knowledge in her industry and was a huge benefit to me in this stressful time. Knowing that you had someone like Tanya there supporting you and sending through all the right information is hugely important.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again, in fact I would recommend that all small businesses make it part of their business plan to book a meeting with Tanya once or twice a year to go over any changes that we would need to know about, ensuring that we have all the right documentation and rules updated for employing staff.
Thanks so much Tanya for all your support.

Sandra Paterson - Owner | Felice Coiffure Salon

Her personable approach made the process a pleasure and she saved us a huge amount of time and resources…
Tanya did a fantastic job in recruiting staff for our organisation. She was very easy to work with and had an excellent handle on our business requirements, providing a good shortlist of highly suitable candidates. She kept us well-informed throughout the recruitment process and followed up to ensure we were happy with the results. Her personable approach made the process a pleasure and she saved us a huge amount of time and resources. I highly recommend her and Recruit NZ to anyone wishing to recruit quality staff.

Jane Bollard - Manager | CABAC

It takes the pain out of recruiting as we only end up by interviewing candidates that are right for our company the vacant role…
Tanya, looking back over the past 3 years you have certainly made recruiting staff for our company a breeze.
The right people at the right time makes our lives much easier and assists the smooth running of our business from week to week. We really appreciate the time you have taken to get to know our business personally.
This has great benefits for us as it makes our recruitment process much more efficient, with less time involved for us, as you understand who would suit our business whether in our Sales, Management or Administration departments.
It takes the pain out of recruiting as we only end up by interviewing candidates that are right for our company and the vacant role.
We look forward to continuing our successful business relationship into the future.

Robyn Roper - HR Manager | PlaceMakers New Lynn

The candidates Tanya recommends to us are top calibre, saving us valuable time and money…
When dealing with recruitment agents, one of the things we have to contend with is if the agent will really look after the needs of our business – not just send us any candidates, hoping that we will find a fit. Recruit NZ really took the time to get to know our business, how we operate, and therefore has a really clear understanding of the people we need. The candidates Tanya recommends to us are top calibre, saving us valuable time and money.
Tanya is very good at communicating both with us, and the candidate to ensure both parties are kept in the loop throughout the whole process. The personal touch is what sets this business apart from the rest.
I would recommend Recruit NZ to take care of your recruiting needs.

Justine Proudfoot - HR Coordinator | Grove Hardware Ltd

We highly recommend the Recruit-NZ team for their perseverance, responsiveness and dedication to finding high calibre candidates that add significant value to our company.
Recruit NZ has now successfully placed a number of roles within our business which operates in very much a niche industry, and has managed to find great candidates, after we exhausted our own options.
We highly recommend Recruit NZ for their perseverance, responsiveness and dedication to finding high calibre candidates that add significant value to our company. Recruit NZ keeps us well informed of progress and it is great to deal with a team that has a high degree of professionalism.
Thank You Recruit NZ.

Geoff Cardale - General Manager | Fire Protection Inspection Services Limited

We worked with Tanya on a recruitment project last year. Tanya’s advice and guidance was brilliant, she changed the direction of our thought process on our initial ideas and helped us make the right decision. Her happy, bright personality and professional skills were a pleasure to deal with – we will be back!

John Suckling - Director | Powerpac Group Ltd