Sarah McMullin – Landmark Homes

It is with great pleasure I write this testimonial for Recruit NZ. Over a number of years we had used other HR companies and although the consultants were always pleasant and friendly the vetting process done by them was always lacking as was often their aftercare.

I was recommended Recruit NZ by a supplier of ours and decided to use them when we next needed to recruit a new staff member. I spoke with Recruit NZ and then met with one of their team. I found my recruitment consultant to be so friendly and extremely efficient and the process of reporting back on her preliminary interviews with potential candidates is very helpful. She has notes written from her interviews which is very helpful when we reflect back on the skills and qualities of each candidate after we have interviewed them. The team also enquired about our work culture and find or recommend a candidate who would fit into the team.
Once we interviewed potential candidates, we had a call to discuss our views. The employment contract details are dealt with promptly. Then after we made an appointment there was follow up by phone in the first 6 weeks with us and with the new employee.
I have been impressed with the process and her ability to weed through potential candidates ensuring we are not wasting our time interviewing everybody.

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Tanya Gray highly driven individual, passionate about helping business owners understand and enjoy the recruitment process.