Skill shortages can have a drastic impact on business productivity.

No more productivity delays!

RecruitNZ has a specialist division managing all areas of migrant recruitment and we have skilled migrant candidates from the Philippines waiting for jobs in New Zealand.

Working in New Zealand is a dream come true for so many Filipinos – pretty much a golden ticket, which is why they make sensational team members.

Filipino workers leave their families behind and focus on their life here in New Zealand for the duration of their contract with your business.

These are mature, skilled workers who arrive at work every day, work hard all day then go home smiling – because they are overjoyed to have the opportunity.

Employers commonly recruit multiple workers at one time to take advantage of the significant economy of scale in doing so.

If this sounds like the kind of attitude you are seeking for your business, please complete the slide-in box or the form to the right & we’ll take it from there (or contact us directly by phone or email today).

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Now you can get the skilled staff you need – without lengthy delays!

How recruitment from the Philippines works

Only accredited agencies may work on recruitment of Filippino workers overseas to ensure that the Philippines Government’s strict rules are adhered to. These rules are not onerous but have been put in place to prevent Filipino workers being taken advantage of.

RecruitNZ’s International Recruitment Division also has an extensive database of Skilled Filipino Workers available and waiting for work. An Individual Employment Agreement from an employer triggers the process through the Filipino agency.

Obtaining a Working Visa is also straightforward once the correct channels have been used – it’s just another step in the process. RecruitNZ has a close working relationship with Visa specialist agency VisaAide, who are able to undertake this for you if you wish.

We try to take the effort out of the recruitment at every step of the way so that you can remain focused on running your business.

The first step is to contact us!