Skilled workers from overseas should register with us!

Finding work in New Zealand is not as difficult as many think. Certain industries are experiencing ongoing skill shortages. Recruit NZ has a team specialising in this area, and we have an immigration visa specialist available in our office. Workers from the Philippines who are already in New Zealand may register directly with us - we have employers contacting us every week looking for skilled qualified workers in many areas of the Construction Industry.
The first step is to register with us as a Job Seeker, and we will take it from there! Please include your CV so we may process your registration as quickly as possible.
Workers from the Philippines should also join our Facebook Group - Pinoy Workers in New Zealand and stay up to date with current positions available.
To register as a job seeker, please complete the form on the link below:

migrant recruitment nz

Overseas Workers In New Zealand

Getting work in New Zealand is generally easier for job seekers who are already in New Zealand, however you must go through the correct processes to ensure you have the right to work in New Zealand.
Gaining a work visa from Immigration NZ is not a difficult or lengthy process if your skill is on the list of skill shortages - such as the Construction Industry. If the Employer concerned has already advertised for staff and has not found any New Zealand Citizens or New Zealand Residents with the required qualifications and experience, they may consider job seekers who do not yet have working visas.
All of the standard legal requirements for New Zealand Employment Contracts apply for overseas workers, plus some additional requirements for specific countries. You can be sure that all job placements made by the Recruit NZ team are 100% professional Individual Employment Contracts. Many of our clients are larger businesses with many employees, and we assist with their Human Resource processes. The Recruit NZ team are experienced with placement of overseas workers and are always on the lookout for new registrations of interest, so please do complete the Registration Form on this page and stay in touch with us!