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1 year

6 years: Philippines/ Dubai/ New Zealand


  • English 9/10
  • Mellvic has approximately 5 years experience in warehousing/ logistics in the Philippines and Dubai
  • He has experience as Supply Chain Head where he was responsible for storage area, inventory, assigning staff, arranging deliveries and schedules
  • As a Supply Chain Head, he had a team of 8 staff members reporting to him
  • Mellvic graduated a Diploma in Business (Supply Chain Management) in New Zealand
  • He is currently based in Auckland



2 years

15 years: Philippines/ Singapore/ New Zealand


  • English 8/10
  • Ronnie has more than 15 years experience working in the Philippines, Singapore and New Zealand
  • He has experience in logistics and storeroom processes
  • His previous experience includes DHL express, FedEx and Freight Forwarding in Singapore
  • His experience in New Zealand includes inventory control, product handling, customer service, inward goods, issuing materials to production job numbers, issuing tools into production and general store duties
  • Ronnie has successfully completed his Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Logistics (2019, NZ)
  • He is currently based in Hamilton
  • He has restricted NZ driver’s license with forklift endorsement