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2 years

3 years: Philippines/ Middle East and New Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Delfin has 3 years experience in the Philippines, Middle East and New Zealand
  • He is skilled in CNC wood, basic cad, timber machine operator
  • Knowledge in polishing, buffing and spraying furnitures
  • Set controls, speeds and feed rates and coolant flow
  • Delfin is currently based in Hastings


2 years

16 years: Taiwan/ Middle East/ New Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Herbert has 16 years experience in Taiwan, Middle East and New Zealand
  • He is a skilled Timber Machinist, Transporter, Machine Operator, Warehouse Person and Forklift Operator (15 tonnes)
  • He has experience in aligning, loading, operating and other related tasks
  • Herbert is currently based in Hastings


11 years

22 years: Philippines/ New Zealand

  • English 10/10
  • Rundolf has 22 years experience in the Philippines and New Zealand
  • Skilled in CNC Programming, Solid Works, AutoCAd
  • Solid hands-on work experience in heavy manufacturing/operations set-up
  • Has experience in CNC Programs to execute design models, builds for both prototyping and commercial production
  • Rundolf is currently based in Auckland

Our team will be uploading the candidate profiles soon.