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3 years

11 years:  Middle East/ Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Fernando has 11 years experience in the Middle East and New Zealand
  • He is a skilled Aluminium Fabricator, Installer, Welder, Team Leader, Forklift Driver and Batching Plant Operator
  • He has experience in fabricating and assembling sliding doors and windows, awning windows, entry doors, French doors
  • He has also experience in reading and interpret blueprint and sketches
  • Fernando is currently based in the Cromwell


1 year

7 years: Philippines/ Vietnam/ New Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Francis has 7 years experience in the Philippines, Vietnam and New Zealand
  • He is a skilled fitter welder, aluminium (MIG), FCAW and a crane operator
  • He has experience in layouts, positions, and secures parts and assembles according to specifications using straightedge, combination square, calipers and ruler
  • He has also experience in analyzing engineering drawings and specifications to plan layout and welding operations
  • Francis is currently based in Auckland