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7 months

13 years: Philippines/ New Zealand

  • Edward has 13 years experience in the Philippines and New Zealand
  • He has the ability to monitor, update and successfully meet construction schedules and complete within the budget
  • He has experience in bidding and contracting construction work
  • He is proficient in project budgeting and cost analysis with excellent background in estimating
  • English 8/10; based in Rotorua, willing to relocate


1 year

32 years: Philippines/ Middle East/ Singapore/ Africa/ New Zealand

  • Jose has 32 years experience in the Philippines, Middle East, Singapore and Africa
  • Monitoring and supervision of bridge works, tunnels, roads and wharves
  • Project management, Project Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Cost Control.
  • Coordination with government agencies and organisations
  • Registered professional engineer
  • Permanent resident; based in Christchurch, will consider other locations


4 years

5 years: Philippines/ New Zealand

  • Mark has over 5 years experience in the Philippines and New Zealand
  • Project management for investigation, installation and maintenance of water, storm water and wastewater flow monitoring networks
  • Prepare detailed engineering drawing plans using auto CAD on road rehabilitation project and building construction
  • Visa holder; based in Auckland, willing to relocate


4 years

15 years: Philippines/ Singapore/ New Zealand

  • Noel has 15 years experience in the Philippines, Singapore and New Zealand
  • Experienced operations manager in a construction industry
  • Has wide knowledge in structural steel
  • English 7/10; based in Auckland