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3 years

17 years: Philippines/ Middle East/ New Zealand

  • Danilo has 17 years experience in the Philippines, Middle East and New Zealand
  • He is a skilled concreter
  • Layout work using chalk lines, plumb bobs, tape, square and level
  • Mix cement using hoes, cement-mixing equipment and / or hand tool
  • Assemble cut and shaped materials and fasten them
  • Visa holder; based in Auckland, willing to relocate


8 years

11 years: Canada/ New Zealand

  • Juanito has 11 years experience in Canada and New Zealand
  • He is a skilled concreter
  • Pouring concrete into the form surface level
  • Layout measurements as per drawing specifications
  • Level and scrape to remove excess concrete and vibrate concrete to remove bubbles
  • English 7/10; based in Ashburton, willing to relocate


1 year

5 years: Middle East/ New Zealand

  • Jun has over 5 years experience in the Middle East and New Zealand
  • Skilled steel fixer and concreter
  • Assemble steel bars or steel mesh using steel fixer’s pincer
  • Connect columns,beams and footing girders
  • Position and fix reinforcements ready for concrete pour
  • English 7/10; based in Hamilton, willing to relocate