1 year

12 years: Philippines/ New Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Edwin has 12 years experience in the Philippines and New Zealand
  • He is an experienced tyre technician
  • Repair tires using patching methods aiming to make them ready for reinstalling and use
  • Determine the right type of tires for steer, drive and trailer applications
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Edwin is currently based in Auckland


1 year

7 years: Philippines/ Middle East/ New Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Raymond has 7 years experiene in the Philippines, Middle East and New Zealand
  • Experienced tyre technician
  • Responsible in inspecting vehicle to locate and determine necessary repairs to be done
  • Prepare tires for installation purposes, mount and unmount tires on rims and filling appropriate air pressure
  • Perform wheel alignment and balancing activities 
  • Raymond is currently based in Gisborne