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3 years

21 years: Philippines/ Australia/ Africa/ Middle East/ New Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Alexander has over 21 years experience in the Philippines, Australia, Africa, Middle East and New Zealand
  • He is a skilled heavy equipment diesel mechanic
  • Servicing and trouble-shooting bulldozers, excavators and other heavy machineries
  • Preventative maintenance, repair and engine overhaul
  • Alexander is currently based in Auckland


1 year

20 years: Philippines/ New Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Alfredo has over 20 years experience in the Philippines and New Zealand
  • He is a skilled heavy diesel mechanic
  • Responsible in the maintenance of all heavy equipment machines in a construction company
  • Overhauling and under chassis repair
  • Routine maintenance and general mechanic work on all vehicles
  • Alfredo is currently based in Auckland


1 year

22 years: Philippines / Middle East/ New Zealand

  • English 8/10
  • Jeffrey has over 22 years experience in the Philippines, Middle East and New Zealand
  • He is a skilled diesel mechanic
  • Perform preventive maintenance,  inspection, repair and troubleshooting of diesel motors, heavy machinery and other heavy vehicles
  • Repair and replacement of suspension, gearboxes, transmission, differential and brake system
  • Jeffrey is currently based in Auckland


1 year

23 years: Philippines / Libya/ Papua New Guinea/ New Zealand

  • English 7/10
  • Ricardo has 23 years experience in the Philippines, Libya, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand
  • He has experience in truck, heavy diesel mechanic and basic electrical troubleshooting
  • He is experienced in performing maintenance and repair of various pieces of heavy equipment including excavators, skidders, pay loader , 25 ton truck, bulldozers, rollers, graders, cranes, underbody blades, dump bodies, crawler tractors and trailers
  • He has also experience in fabricated, modified and installed special equipment or replacement parts using welders, torch sets, plasma cutter and metal cutting saws, overhauled engines, replaced engines, and rebuilt components
  • He is currently based in Tauranga