Decisions, decisions – Do you recruit for yourself or utilise the services of a Recruitment Consultant?

The pros of utilising the services of a Recruitment Consultant

  1. It saves you time and time is money. Isn’t your time and that of your employees better spent on performing functions which focus on your core business and your area of expertise?
  2. Consultants are familiar with the tools and resources available and the processes to follow by law. This is what we do all day everyday and it is what we are good at! A good consultancy will have tools and systems set up within the business to ensure that the process from placing an ad on SEEK through to your new employee’s first day is smooth and efficient. In addition, a good consultant will make sure that all legal requirements in relation to the recruitment process are met.
  3. We have contacts within the industries and an existing database of job seekers. We may already have your perfect person on our books or know of someone who may have the skill set, experience and personality to fit right in to your business, without even needing to advertise for the role.
  4. Guarantee periods. Most consultancies offer a guarantee period to replace an employee- the standard being 90 days if your employee does not work out.

The cons of utilising the services of a Recruitment Consultant

  1. The cost of using a recruitment consultancy. We all know consultants charge a fee and some higher than others. What you do need to think about is the cost of using this external person to take care of the recruitment process for you versus the cost of you being out of the business and doing it all yourself. You may be surprised how much time recruitment does take (especially in the current market with hundreds of applicants responding to every vacancy advert), and if this is not your forte then it can make for a very long process!
  2. “But I didn’t really like my last Consultant....” Well go and shop around! Call a few consultancies and speak with them about how they work, ask them to come and meet with you so you can get a feel for the consultant you will be working with. If you do not get along with them-do not work with them!! This person is selling your business and your brand to potential employees. You must work with someone you can communicate with, build a rapport with and who is genuinely interested in your business.
  3. Losing control when not managing the recruitment process. A number of clients in the past have mentioned to me they feel they lose control of what is going on with the process when they are dealing with a consultancy. There are ways around this and the first step is to communicate your expectations with the consultant. You can ask to see an advertisement before it is loaded onto SEEK or any other media to ensure you are happy with it. Ask for weekly updates via email or a phone call- you can find out the number of applicants, the calibre and background, and any feedback they have received on the advertised role.

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