5 Recruitment Tips For Hiring the Perfect Employee

Are you thinking about Recruiting in the near future? Read these 5 recruitment tips to help you hire the perfect person for the position.

  1. Widen the scope of your advertising – have you been using the same old website you have been using the past 5 years? How about expanding your candidate search via social networking sites and job boards such as SEEK - there are a lot of great people out there looking for work at the moment.
  2. Think about flexibility and work/life balance - we all know now that it is one of the most important factors that influence candidates when they are seeking new roles. What does your company offer to entice those seeking flexibility and what can you change to set yourself apart from your competition?
  3. Job share options - is this something you have considered before? Perhaps you could have 2 great part time people working on that full time role you are advertising. Two minds can be better than one in some positions and can work very well in some businesses if set up correctly.
  4. Think about an employee incentive programme - these can be used not only to increase your business sales but to find other great employees for your team. You never know who your employees know and it could be someone that would be perfect for your business.
  5. Look in before you look out - you may have a member on the team that is ready for the next step up in the business. Taking the time to provide any required training may be faster and more cost effective than recruiting a new person into the business at that particular level. Doing this will then create a vacancy at a lower level - which may be easier to fill.

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