Are you struggling to find skilled and qualified workers?

Finding quality employees is a common problem: it’s so prevalent that the Government even keeps list on Immediate Skills Shortages, and Long Term Skills Shortages.

This lack of skilled and qualified workers is very frustrating – but rather than just keep lists, Recruit NZ is actually doing something about the problem:

We are going overseas to headhunt the exact talent you need!

And here’s how it will work:

  • We will be going to Singapore and the Philippines to recruit specific roles: if you’d like us to recruit for you, we’ll need to meet you to find out more details and to discuss the process in more detail.
  • Our overseas recruitment partners will be identifying possible candidates. From there, we’ll be collecting CVs and screening the candidates. As well as work related questions, we’ll be assessing their English speaking skills; their visa eligibility; and what’s motivating them to move to NZ.
  • Once all the screening and testing results are in, we’ll arrange Skype interviews. We’d then share just the best interviews and CVs with you for your feedback.
  • If you’re happy with the candidate(s), we’ll do the usual pre-employment checks, such as psychometric profiling and reference checking.
  • Hand-in-hand with the job offer process, our sister company, VisaAide, will take care of the candidates’ Work Visa applications.

The entire process is hassle-free for you, as we’ll be doing all the legwork and form filling.

Which industries will Recruit NZ be working with? 

Recruit NZ is a generalist agency, and recruits all roles at all levels. So if you’ve got a vacancy, we can help you.

What are the costs?

The cost of us recruiting for you will be a percentage of the new employee’s starting salary, with discounts for bulk recruitment. We will discuss the recruitment and visa fees with you when we meet.

Is there a replacement policy?    

Yes, there’s a 90-day replacement policy. If a hire we’ve placed leaves within 90 days of you appointing them, we’ll find a replacement for free. (See our Terms of Trade for full details and conditions.)

Why recruit in the Philippines and Singapore? 

If you’re wondering why we’re targeting Singapore, it is actually to target the skilled Filipinos working there. Plus we will be working with a Government-accredited agency in the Philippines as well.

Filipino workers are generally:

  1. Very skilled and experienced workers: Filipinos have high standards of work and excellent qualifications – which translate well into NZQA standards.
  2. They speak great English: the education system in the Philippines teaches English from a young age, so the majority of Filipinos are fluent English speakers.
  3. Great work attitude: Filipinos are dedicated and hard workers. They are problem solvers and enjoy harmonious environments and relationships – i.e. they are great team players.
  4. Very motivated to move to NZ: Filipinos are familiar with New Zealand life, culture and values, and can’t wait to move here.
  5. Recruitment connections: we have partners on the ground who have a list of candidates waiting for us.

What are you waiting for? We have the people you need, right at our fingertips!
Take the next step: arrange a FREE face-to-face meeting with Recruit NZ 

If you’d like us to take your job vacancy list overseas with us, the next step is to arrange a FREE face-to-face meeting with a Recruit NZ consultant.

At the meeting we’ll discuss:

  • How the recruitment process will work in more detail.
  • How we can help you with Work Visa applications, and what’s involved there.
  • Answer any questions you have.
  • Identify which role(s) you need help recruiting, and discuss the fees for recruiting these roles for you.

This meeting is free of charge and obligation-free. So rather than live in hope that the perfect applicant will turn up one day, let us grab them for you!

To arrange your meeting, phone 09 280 3977 or email

Next step: Would you like to find out more about recruiting from overseas? 

Please contact us for a free and friendly chat to see how we can help you.

Either give us a call on 09 280 3977 or email

Or if you’d prefer, you can schedule a 15-minute phone meeting online:

Can’t find skilled and experienced workers in NZ? Get on board with Recruit NZ – we’re  bringing the best overseas talent to New Zealand.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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